Sale of Alcohol

Host Responsibility Policy

15 Minute Bottles Ltd is permitted as a Remote Seller under the Sale & Supply of Alcohol Act Licence No. 60/OFF/87/2022, expiry 14/10/2023.

Download a PDF of our licence here.

The Directors, Management and Staff of 15 Minute Bottles Limited have a responsibility to ensure alcohol is sold, served and consumed responsibly via the website. Because of this, we have implemented the following Host Responsibility policy. 

We will take proactive measures to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors by having a appropriate verifications that both the buyer and receiver of any alcohol is aged 18 years old or over. 
  • Before a user can enter our website, a pop-up will ask the buyer to declare they are of 18 years age or over.
  • At the checkout, before the user can confirm the purchase, they will be asked to check a box, confirming that they are of 18 years of age or over immediately before the purchase is completed. 
  • If any buyer is not able to verify their age, the website purchase can not be completed. 
  • At the point of delivery, we expect our courier service to verify the age of the buyer. Our policy is zero tolerance for breaching our obligations as Remote Sellers, including those who are responsible for dispatching and delivering our products. We expect those who we contract to dispatch and deliver our products to ensure no alcohol is served to minors, and if they are in doubt must ask for identification. Acceptable forms of proof of age are a current photo driver’s licence, a Kiwi Access card or a current passport. 
All sales will occur via our website ( will comply with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.
  • As per Section 48, we will ensure that no alcohol is sold on or delivered from the warehouse facility on Good Friday, Christmas Day or before 1pm on Anzac Day, and at any time on Easter Sunday. 
  • In addition, as per Section 59, no deliveries of alcohol will take place after 11pm on any day or before 6am the next day.
  • We will display our license holders name, license number and license expiry date on our website. 
  • Direct-to-customer sales will only occur via the website (remote sellers). No alcohol is stored at the office. Alcohol will be stored at an approved warehousing facility in a separate location.
We will promote the responsible drinking of alcohol. We will not publish any material via our sales promotions online and via email that:
  • Encourages excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Conducts promotions which leads people, or is likely to lead people to believe the price is more than 25% below the price at which the alcohol is ordinarily sold
  • Promotes our alcohol in a way that is aimed at or appealing to minors
  • Offers free alcohol or the opportunity to obtain or win other free goods or services on the condition that alcohol is bought
15 Minute Bottles Limited will ensure we have the appropriate training systems in compliance with the Act:
  • At least one Director of 15 Minute Bottles Ltd holds a valid Manager’s Certificate under Section 217 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. They will oversee all sales and orders via our website. The other three Directors involved in sales enquiries have had instruction about our obligations under the Remote Sellers off-license, and in the committments of this Host Responsibility Policy.
  • In addition, we will verify that the address where the alcohol is stored and dispatched from complies with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, including sighting the Manager’s Certificate of the person in charge of that facility.
  • We will ensure the warehousing/logistics service are provided with a copy of our Host Responsibility policy and acknowledge it’s receipt.
  • We have a reminder and checking system in place to ensure all Manager’s Certificates are current.

We pride ourselves on being responsible hosts.